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Risk Assessment

"The responsibility rests with the employer to ensure that their organisation has appropriately assessed any work that is undertaken which may risk harming an employee, visitor or volunteer under their supervision."

In our experience, most organisations do not employ a Health and Safety specialist due to the high costs involved, leaving them to carry out the job themselves. If not done to a suitable standard this could severely affect the safety of your employees and the reputation of your business.

We can provide you with a dedicated Health and Safety consultant who will visit your workplace and conduct a thorough risk assessment for you in the most cost-effective way possible.

This includes creating a bespoke, compliant written record of the risk assessment and a method statement for your business.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment in the workplace is the process in which you evaluate the potential risks on your premises and put the necessary precautions in place to reduce these risks. It typically works in five simple steps: identify hazard, identify those at risk, take action, report findings and regularly review these findings. While you cannot eradicate all risks, it is legally required that you identify, minimise and control them through carrying out a risk assessment in the workplace.

What does our service include?

Our risk assessment service includes:

- An onsite visit from your health and safety consultant

- Completed risk assessment, identifying all hazards present onsite, persons affected, control measures and date of review

- Risk assessment documentation including method statement provided to you both in hard copy and electronically

- Reviewed annually if you remain a client

- Regular updates on health and safety changes via our electronic newsletter